What Equipment will I need for online tutoring?

The student will need:
  •  access to a laptop or computer with a webcam and the internet. An iPad can be used but is not as effective.
  • having a printer to print out any impromptu worksheets is also a good idea.
  • Your child will also need an exercise book and a pencil or pen. 
  • with younger children or students with ADHD  it is a good idea for the parent to be present during the lesson. It also means that you become aware of the procedures and strategies that are being used.

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What are the benefits of online tutoring

  • No matter where you live the tutor comes to you which means that you don’t have to waste time travelling .
  • Even if your child has a cold or other minor complaint tutoring can often take place if the student is well enough. This reduces the need for catch up lessons and ensures continuity of the program.
  • Your child can get expert tutoring sessions no matter where you live; be it rural, remote or on the other side of the city or Australia. Tutoring can even continue when you are on holidays..
  • As we are highly trained to teaching children with Specific Learning Difficulties you can be assured that you are getting  a quality tutor irrespective where ever you are located. We specialize in teaching students with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia.. 

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How often do children need tutoring?

Students can have  any number of sessions a week. From a remedial perspective, two sessions a week is the optimal but parents often opt for one session a week,which is satisfactory in most instances. Tutoring sessions are of an hours duration. Fifty minutes for the lesson and 10 minutes for the parent hand over. It is important that parents arrive on time for the liaison period as it ensures that the student’s homework can be explained. It is also important because we often have students back to back and the lesson time cannot be extended. 

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