Mathematics as a topic is extremely complex, and it is normal for a person to struggle to grasp its subject matter. Performing and understanding maths involves many processes and a vast combination of skills. In the process of acquiring maths knowledge and skills it is common for students to have gaps in their learning

At Castle Hill Tutoring we tutor students from years 1 to 10 in Maths.  Our aim is to build confidence in our students and assure them that they can achieve at maths. Younger children who are struggling are systematically taught the basic concepts and skills they need to be successful at maths. Older children often come to us with an unrealistic fear of maths, believing they are failures, where in truth they just need remediation to close the gaps in their maths knowledge and skills. Occasionally students come to us who have been diagnosed with dyscalculia. We have the resources and skills to help these students achieve at maths.